Venous Oedema
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The Adelaide Lymphoedema Clinic produces several informative publications specifically written for people with lymphoedema or those who are at risk of developing lymphoedema. For therapsists, there are superb wall charts showing the lymphatic territories and watersheds.

All these resources are available by contacting the Clinic.

Living With Lymphoedema: A handbook for patients
By Michael Mason

This excellent handbook, now in its third edition, has been written specifically for lymphoedema patients and those at risk of developing lymphoedema.

It gives important information about the lymphatic system, the condition of lymphoedema, its treatment and helpful advice about how to live, travel and sleep with the condition. It also provides particular advice to patients with arm and leg lymphoedema, patient exercise routines and an insight into the psychological aspects of the condition.

Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Arm: A handbook for patients
By Michael Mason


Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Leg: A handbook for patients
By Michael Mason

One of the four components of Complex Physical Therapy treatment for lymphoedema is a suitable exercise programme.

Thess handbooks provide patients with a number of clearly illustrated graduated exercises which cater for all ages and all levels of physical fitness and include some self-massage techniques.

They also provide information about the condition of lymphoedema and advice to help patients in their daily lives as well as being of assistance to therapists in organising exercise programmes for their patients.

Self Massage and Exercise Routine Pamphlets
By Michael Mason

Self-massage and exercise routine pamphlets are available from the clinic.

* Lymphoedema of the left arm
* Lymphoedema of the right arm
* Lymphoedema of both arms
* Lymphoedema of the left leg
* Lymphoedema of the right leg
* Lymphoedema of both legs

Contact the Clinic to request we send you your copy.

Lymphatic Territories Charts
By Michael Mason

A set of four laminated colour charts each measuring 410mm x 290mm are also available from the Clinic. There are two of upper limbs and two of lower limbs, anterior and posterior views. Each chart shows the lymphatic territories and watersheds as designated by Professor Kubik.

For therapists, these charts are a superb visual aid and a convenient method of demonstrating the theory of complex physical therapy (CPT) massage to patients and partners for home massage.
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